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Friend or foe? Working for you or against you? What's your vibe towards your emotions?

Do you find yourself struggling with stress?

Feeling overwhelmed
by life?

Having trouble shaking off bad moods?

Frustrated and wishing you could
let things go?

Nuturing a connection with "your feels"
isn't something that many of us are taught, let alone encouraged to do.

You struggle to get a grasp of your emotions and
understand how to work with them, rather than against them.
You feel like you are failing, but the fact is
you haven't actually been shown how.

Often, when you are experiencing them you feel uncomfortable.
That's when you most likely deem them to be "negative" - something that is detracting from how life is meant to be. So you ignore that you feel that way. You suppress it.
Simply pretend it's not true and try to get on with life.

What you resist,

However, research conducted into emotional suppression showed that when emotions are pushed aside or ignored they get stronger.

That's because the "feeling" of emotions can't be simply denied or pushed aside, no matter how much you focus on thinking positively.

Your emotions are a completely natural and essential aspect of being human. Mastering them begins with learning how to release the energetic charge that they create.

Emotions are your
energy in motion...


The combined energy of your




in any given situation or circumstance

E-motion Image_copy

Ideally, when you experience stress you are able to efficiently and effectively
move through the energetic charge of the emotion and
return yourself back to an emotionally regulated state
where you'll feel calm, rational, and alert yet relaxed.

Now what isn’t “normal” or healthy when it comes to stress
is when you hold onto the energetic charge that it creates.
This can cause you to feel 'stuck' with uncomfortable
thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

You are trying your gosh-darn best to juggle everything
on your plate and do so with a smile for everyone's sake,
but despite this you are regularly:


by your colleague for bullying and speaking over you in meetings.


trying to keep a track of your kids home schooling workload while also balancing your own.


by your spouse for not offering to help you cook dinner, again...


by your body's ability to endure the regular pangs of its aches and pains.


as you lie wide awake, your mind whirling, while you try and will yourself to sleep.


you'll be triggered and lose your cool, forcing you to reveal that behind the smile you truly don't have your s#$t together.

Experiencing stressful emotions often,
can lead to different symptoms and
dis-ease, which, over time, can become
chronic and result in burnout.


The good news...there is hope!

What if instead of avoiding the experience of your emotions,
you could learn how to embrace them in a way that
safely allows their energetic charge to release.
Helping you to move towards better experiences such as:


"Yippee, sounds great. How exactly do I do that?"
This is where Emotional Fitness Training comes in!


Emotional Fitness is a holistic approach to the practice of tuning into, and toning, your energy system, for overall vitality and wellbeing.

Afterall, as quantum physics has taught us, EVERYTHING is energy, and the beauty is that it cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed.

Your emotions impact all aspects of your wellbeing


Physical Health

Your magical body that you call home is always striving to maintain what's called homeostasis which is a balance across all of your physiological functions.
Stress and emotions can positively or negatively impact this balance.


Spiritual Health

Although we have the same physiology we are all UNIQUE spiritual beings. The combination of your individual beliefs, experiences and circumstances influence how you relate to the world and how stress and emotions impact you.



Mental Health

Your reality begins in your thoughts. Learning how to choose your thoughts influences the emotions that you experience and can instantly help to shift your mood. The more control you have over your thoughts, the more enjoyable your life will be.

Social Health

The energy you give off is the energy you get back. The scientific term for this is co-regulation. Learning how to master your emotional fitness improves your relationship with yourself, you loved one's and your whole community.

So how exactly do we balance the energy? Great question!
It all begins in your autonomic nervous system.

The Physiology of Stress

Window of Tolerance

Calm, rational, and alert, yet relaxed. That's your experience when you are living inside your
WOT - you are emotionally regulated.


The Fight or Flight stress reaction.
Your heart beat increases, blood rushes to your muscles and stress hormones are released.


The Freeze or Faint stress reaction.
You become spacy, have trouble concentraing and your mind and body can disassociate.

These REACTIONS to stress are instinctual and
are processed in your subconscious mind.

They happen faster than you could consciously process.

This is great as it helps protect you, however what isn’t great is when it is firing constantly and misinterpreting what is an actual threat.

Depending on which reaction you experience you’ll describe
the thoughts, feelings/sensations and actions

you are motivated to take in terms of your EMOTIONAL experience.

For example - when you are feeling your heart rate increase, the blood rushing to your muscles, you think “get me outta here” and you are motivated to run away - you describe that as FEAR.

The good news is that you get to CHOOSE your RESPONSE to your stress reactions.
This is a skill that you can develop and the first step is helping yourself
become emotionally regulated from the initial reaction.

Now that you are aware of this you, you're empowered to notice it each time it happens and practice CHOOSING your response by bringing yourself back into regulation.

That is exactly what the emotional fitness approach is here to teach you.

In Emotional Fitness Training we utilize different teachings, tools and tactics that help you return your energy system to emotional regulation.

Through the TEACHINGS
we explore key scientific concepts around energy, emotions, and
how they impact your experience of stress.

We then experiment with different TOOLS
that are efficient and effective to regulate your emotional state.
These include:

New 1.png
New 1.png
New 2.png
New 2.png
New 4.png
New 4.png
New 3.png
New 3.png

These tools will be integrated into the busyness of life
using different TACTICS to maximize your time
and the impact to your energy.

We also learn ways to heighten our attention and
appreciation of the good vibes we experience
- so that we anchor those feelings into our being -
inviting more of them, more often!

Put it all together and you're on the road to mastering EMOTIONAL SUCCESS!

G'day, I'm Kelsey Corey, an Emotional Success Coach, energy expert, and avid hugger

I am passionate about helping people of all ages learn how to apply easy, enjoyable and efficient emotional fitness tools, so you can feel more in control, experience less stress and live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Over the last ten years, I've had the joy of sharing my expertise, experience, and enthusiasm with a range of businesses and clients, from high-level execs to elementary school kids. Incorporating a range of wellbeing modalities that help to transform fear, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, numbness, and procrastination so that my clients can discover how to choose their response to stress and the impact it has on their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

My optimistic and passionate style is uplifting and inspiring. I love sharing my infectious positivity, as well as the realistic and practical approach I use. I'm driven by an unshakeable commitment to empowering you to transform your experience of stress, master your emotions and love the life you live.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to invite you to be apart of this Emotional Fitness Training program.

Let's learn what it involves...

Emotional Fitness
Training Program

Please enter your title...


Videos, audios & info sheets with teachings, tools and tactics emailed to you every couple of days so as to not overwhelm you.

In Your
Own Time

Mornings, noon or at night?Consume the content on your own timeframe with a focus on building momentum at pace that suits you.

Group Calls

Optional group calls; Thursdays - Weekly Teaching
Mondays - EFT Tapping
to release stress.
Teaching calls are recorded and shared so you
never miss out.

1:1 Session

in 75 minute private EFT Tapping session we will
shift a specific emotional pattern that is currently holding you back from living a life you love.


Our online home for supporting and cheerleading each other that's not hosted on social media :)

The More
The Merrier

Invite your isolation buddies! Ask your spouse or family to join you at no added cost.


What's the impact?

The first round of the Emotional Fitness Training program was a wonderful success.
16 participants from across the world saw amazing shifts in perspective and experience of stress and their emotions. Don't just take my word for it...

What have you become more aware of, in regards to the experience of your emotions and stress?

"I can stand in the middle of the storm, i can be scared and overwhelmed and live there for a moment before finding a way to reign it in and ride that energy back to base."

What have you been able to accept about yourself and your experience?

"I'm not selfish for putting myself and my needs first, in fact, it makes me more able to be generous, kind, thoughtful and grateful."

What have you appreciated about your experience and any shifts that have occurred?

"Having tactical tangible tools I can use anywhere anytime pretty much! Valuable insights into myself and my own needs and support from a remarkable and thoughtful teacher."

When can I get started?

The only thing that's constant in life is change right!
So it's only logical that the program is undergoing some alterations and additions to make it even better for the next round.
If you'd like to be kept up to date as things unfold then sign up at the link below!