Navigating the Emotions of Transition

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2020

As we enter into the last month of 2020 it’s incredible to reflect on the amount of unpredicted and undesired change that has transformed our lives this year. 

It’s important also, to acknowledge the extent of the emotional impact that these changes continue to have.

This month inside of The EFI Gym we are exploring the theme of TRANSITION.

Transition: ‘movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another’ 

As humans, we tend to have a general aversion to change. Instead, we are creatures of habit, structure, order, and control. Meanwhile, the very nature of our world is one of constant “chaos”. Of energy shifting and changing. Moving from form, through form, and into form. From emotion to emotion. Change, it seems, is one of the only things that is certain!

And so, with the year drawing to a close, and thoughts of welcoming a brand new one appearing, the desire for a different change may have come alive in you. A change that you can choose. That you can control. 

That’s how I like to approach transition, as chosen change.

When I was first introduced to The Bridges Transition Model I loved how much it complimented an approach I learned during my EFT Certification around facilitating ‘Conscious Closures’.

The essence of both approaches is to bring intentional awareness to navigating a transition, particularly in regards to the emotions encountered as part of the experience. 

Although there is so much in our world right now that we cannot consciously change, know that you still have the choice to change your internal world. Your emotional experiences are a state that you can control.

The Bridges Transition Model looks at the personal and human side of change. It takes into account the emotional experiences associated with transition across three key areas:

  1. Endings
  2. The Neutral Zone, and
  3. New Beginnings

As I’m sure you have experienced yourself, there can be a wide range of feelings around change, that are both comfortable and uncomfortable to embody.

Such as:

  1. Overwhelm, denial, shock, fear, sadness, frustration, relief, gratitude, and completion.
  2. Uncertainty, confusion, skepticism, apathy, ambivalence, creativity, and anticipation.
  3. Acceptance, openness, excitement, energized, optimistic, and hopeful. 

All of these emotions are valid, especially in the face of transition. Each has its own unique contribution to the experience of change. Inside the gym, we focus on bringing the energy of love and acceptance to these experiences. This allows space for the emotion to be processed. For the associated charge to be released and restored to alignment. For the lessons and learnings to be absorbed. For the desired feelings to flow in, and for change to be an appreciated experience.

Are you at a point where you are feeling that inner pull, that desire to experience life differently?

  • Are you being overwhelmed by your to-do list and responsibilities, berating yourself for not being able to juggle it all? Instead, picture yourself feeling decisive and confident that you can handle what’s on your plate.
  • Rather than being caught in a whirl of worry around all that is uncertain right now, you are able to maintain a calm, regulated state as you hear of the latest change.
  • Instead of dreading the holiday season, New Year, and the first week of 2021, you feel a sense of anticipation and optimism for what will be possible for you over this period. Thanks to having the self-awareness and the tools in your toolkit to help you curate your emotional state.

After all, psychologist Christopher Germer shared;

"A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life."

I invite you to tune in and consciously CHOOSE to compassionately approach the transitions that lie ahead. 

Take some time, with a blank doc or a journal, and ask yourself:

  1. What is coming to an end for me right now? What emotions are present with this ending? Am I experiencing these emotions comfortably or uncomfortably? How can I increase my love and acceptance of these emotions? What else do I need to do to help myself consciously close this ending?

  2. Where am I feeling uncertain? What aspects of this uncertainty are outside of my control, and therefore can be energetically released? What tools can I use to release them? What can I anticipate right now? How do I need to be, to best navigate this situation ahead?

  3. What am I feeling optimistic about? Where am I choosing to focus my energy and excitement? What action can I take to support this desire to come to life?


Each week inside of the gym we will be diving into a different emotional focus that is a part of transition. Beginning this week with overwhelm! 

Tune in (live on Instagram @energyforimpact) Thursday, December 3rd, at 3 pm EST for a free community class where we will be exploring how EFT Tapping can support you to release overwhelm, and come back into alignment with who and how you wish to be. 


Written by Kelsey Corey, December 1st, 2020.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash


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